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Comeback coaching & further education
Who is behind this?

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Hey, I'm Romy (Romana Schiller).

In the summer of 2022, I had my company certified as a provider of measures for activation and professional integration and further training. 

I originally come from business, I am a qualified office communications clerk (IHK) and have worked for decades in a well-known electronics retailer. After catching up on my vocational diploma (business and administration), I went to Australia on my own. This journey to myself has shaped me a lot and given me a lot. "There is always a way" and "everything I need I have with me." If you manage for months with only 8 kg, you realize what is really important in life. True and real people by your side, trust in yourself and impartiality.

That's what I stand for.

veracity or authenticity.  What I'm doing and where I'm going, I feel beforehand and I'm convinced of it and I stand by it. At the same time, I reflect again and again.

Trustworthiness.I believe that I can turn my wishes into goals and achieve them. I've made it this far. i trust myself

Impartiality.I approach my fellow human beings open-heartedly and without judgment. I like approaching people and being in contact with them. I like to actively listen and look behind the scenes. Everyone has a great story to tell. 

I am also a qualified social worker (BA) and adult educator (MA) and, in addition to my coach training, have completed numerous further training courses in the areas of positive psychology, communication, mediation and seminar management. 

Since 2018 I have been working as a coach for various organizations with a wide variety of people on various topics. I support refugees with the integration into the German system and the entry into working life, as well as the long-term unemployed with health issues and with the application and management of official matters. I help academics, as well as people who have only recently entered the labor market, with professional orientation and goal setting.

I am proud to have my own approved educational institution according to AZAV and can now make my skills available to everyone. I'm looking forward to everything that's to come!

I am supported in this great project by a great, competent and very cordial team, consisting of coaches for different subject areas and colleagues who do a great job in the background with administrative tasks.

Our values



willingness to help


Getting involved in one-to-one coaching is a bold step. Be proud of yourself for making it this far!

We see ourselves as process facilitators who support you holistically on your way as part of the coaching, in achieving your goals and in the orientation and stabilization process.

Building a relationship requires trust. We would like to invite you to give yourself and us the confidence to believe in yourself and your strengths. We meet you with an open heart. We love, what we do. Because it fulfills us to be able to accompany you while you gain insights and make progress. Coaching also means looking where you normally don't look. We offer you a space to find your honesty for yourself.

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