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  • You just got out of your old job and would like to do something different, but don't know what?

  • You have terminated your training or your studies. And what's next?

  • You have finally finished your studies and what should you do with it professionally now?

  • Have you been unemployed for a long time and have problems with writing letters, contacting authorities and you lack motivation?

  • Do you have a history of immigration and can't find a job or are you overwhelmed with the bureaucratic paperwork?

Glad you found us. Believe in yourself and just get in touch with us. We'll help you answer your questions.

We are open to people of all gender identities, education levels and origins as well as ethnic affiliations and religious affiliations.

Our coaching sessions take place in German, English and, on request, in Ukrainian, face-to-face, online or by telephone. We are approved for coaching in digital form for customers from all over Germany according to AZAV.

We support you in the following situations:

Our educational offers for you

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